Going into all the world.

Below is a list of ministries we partner with and support both locally and around the world.  

ELIC (English Language Institute China)

Since 1981, ELIC has trained thousands of passionate people to work with government and institutional partners who want our professional education services. These services include placement and management of English teachers and teams, consulting, curriculum design and implementation, training, and refugee work. Aaron and Danielle Wheeler, family of Senior Pastor Randy Wheeler, teach English at a university as a way to develop relationships with students and share the Gospel with them. 

Christ Reach Asia Mission (CRAM)

In 1997, the Lord placed a burning desire within the hearts of C. Y. and Patricia Kim to evangelize and meet the physical needs of people living in the communist countries of Asia. Through God’s amazing grace and guidance, He has expanded those opportunities and Christ Reaching Asia Mission (CRAM) Worldwide now shares through benevolent works in China, North Korea, Cambodia, and the Philippines.


Velvet Ashes  

Velvet Ashes is here to connect the hearts of women who are separated by geography but bound together by the life of serving overseas. Velvet Ashes is a place for us to gather, to belong. It’s a place to crack open our hearts and let the stories flow. It’s a place to be mentored by the lives of those who have learned to thrive in this life. Wisdom and hope in heaping helpings.

His House Christian Fellowship

His House is a non-denominational Christian ministry to university students all around Michigan.


Campus Crusade

Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ

Wolverine Christian Camp

Wolverine Christian Service Camp provides christian camp experience for Detroit area Christian Church children and teens. 

Christ Net

The mission of ChristNet is to provide temporary overnight emergency housing assistance and other services to homeless men, women, and children. We do this by providing a safe secure sleeping space indoors; offering three meals per day; and by maintaining a case manager who identifies and coordinates mainstream resources to help those in need restabilize their lives. ChristNet promotes cooperation among churches and non-profit organizations as we strive to assist our brothers and sisters in God’s family.


Niños de Mexico

Since 1967, Niños de México has been giving LIFE to these children one child at time. Many of these children have grown up to become doctors, ministers, teachers, and more, helping to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in Mexico. Today, we are actively involved in sharing Jesus with the children and people of Mexico through our seven children’s homes, Christian school, medical outreach, and church plants.

Rapha House 

Rapha House's mission is to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in Southeast Asia through aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and awareness for all. 


ARM (American Rehabilitation Ministries)

American Rehabilitation Ministries, ARM, exists to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing resources to prison chaplains and prisoners, military chaplains, missionaries, and churches.

Ozark Christian College

Ozark is a Bible College committed to preparing men and women to serve in positions of Christian leadership around the world. Ozark degrees are oriented toward vocational ministry positions and support roles within the local church and parachurch organizations. The ultimate mission of Ozark Christian College is to glorify God by evangelizing the lost and edifying Christians worldwide. The immediate mission of Ozark Christian College is to train men and women for Christian service through an undergraduate Bible College education.


CIY (Christ In Youth)

Christ in Youth amplifies the call on students’ lives to become Kingdom workers through trips, events, and resources.

New Churches of Christ Evangelism 

NCCE seeks to plant dynamic relevant churches patterned after the New Testament Church where people can find and follow Jesus. NCCE-assisted churches actively engage in their local area, demonstrating the love of Christ through service, giving relationships and sharing their faith within the wider community.

IDES (International Diaster Emergency Service)

IDES exists to meet physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ.


Fish & Loaves Food Pantry

Fish & Loaves is a 501(c)3, client-choice, food pantry, “Ensuring No One Goes Hungry” in the communities they serve. It is a faith based, non-sectarian organization staffed by volunteers serving those in need regardless of religious beliefs.