Our mission is simple. 

"To help people be god on display"

The Christian life is meant to be lived for the glory of God and so we want to "be on God on display" wherever we LIVE, WORK, or GO

LIVE: This means our neighborhood or our apartment complex. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor and so we want to put God on display in our neighborhoods so that our neighbors know and experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ. 

WORK: This is our workplace. Many of us have co-workers or people we work alongside with and it is important that we are putting God on display in our workplace, conducting ourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel.

GO: This covers all the times we are present somewhere. Whether this is at the park, a restaurant you visit frequently, or a gym that you have a membership to, we want to put God on display and share the love of Jesus. 



As a church, we are committed to making disciples who make disciples. A disciple follows Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, and lives for the mission of Jesus. 

At Twin Oaks, there are five areas that we look at to identify disciples of Jesus and we call this "The FIVE": 


Growing in Integrity | Loving in Community Serving Passionately | Sharing Christ Boldly | Giving Generously 


GROWING IN INTEGRITY: As disciples of Jesus, we are committed to growing to become more like Christ so that the image of God that shines through us accurately reflects His holiness and beauty.

LOVING IN COMMUNITY: We are committed to being in community, not just on a Sunday morning but also in smaller communities such as Life Groups and a ministry in the Church. In those smaller communities, we submit ourselves by loving one another and building supportive relationships. 

SERVING PASSIONATELY: Serving is essential to the growth of a disciple and it is important for everyone to find a place to serve, using their gifts to build up the Church. We serve out of our passion and love for Christ. 

SHARING CHRIST BOLDLY: Through our actions and through the words we speak, we share the name of Jesus boldly. We share our stories and use it as a testament to the work of Christ. 

GIVING GENEROUSLY: God has entrusted us with the resources that we have and so it is our responsibility to steward those resources wisely and live a life of generosity. We have don't have to give; we get to give. Giving puts us in a position to trust God.