Sharing Good News

What does it mean to Share Christ Boldly?

 The greatest act of love you can show toward a friend is to help that friend find Jesus. The best way to do that is to share Jesus’ story through word and deed. God has chosen us, as Christians, to be ambassadors of Christ so that world can be reconciled to God (2 Corinthians 5:18-21). We have to be bold in our endeavor to share Christ to this world.  

How do I Share Christ Boldly?

As followers of Jesus, sometimes it can be hard to figure out simple and tangible ways to reach out to the people who God has place around us. Below are simple ways to BLESS (Begin with prayer, Listen, Eat with them, Serve them, Share your story) those around you so that you can begin building relationships and have spiritual conversations. 

Below are some ways you can begin having spiritual conversations in the different areas of your life.

Where You Work:

  • Instead of eating lunch alone, intentionally eat with other co-workers and learn their story.

  • Bring breakfast once a month (donuts, bagels, etc.) for everyone in your department.

  • Organize a monthly pot luck and be intentional about building relationships with your co-workers.

Where You Live:

  • Stay outside in the front yard longer while watering your yard.

  • Walk your dog regularly around the same time in your neighborhood.

  • Have a game night and invite your neighbors.

  • Serve your family & neighbors: shovel their driveway, rake their leaves, or bake them something.

Something to Remember:

As you build these relationships, remember these three things: (1) Always look for practical ways to serve them (love opens the door to truth), (2) pray for them, (3) invite them to Twin Oaks.

Wherever You Go:

  • Find a park where you will consistently spend time at with your community.

  • Pick a few restaurants to frequent getting to know staff and regulars. Tip big!

  • Take the kids to story time at your local library and meet other parents and their kids.